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Biometric Time Office Solutions

The release of Empire Time Office 7.0 marks a breakthrough revolution of Web 2.0 Technology into the time & attendance world. Making real-time multi-tasking, remote operation and honest to goodness automation a reality.  While Empire Time Office 7.0  is a Web Time Clock functioning from within a web browser, it is not limited to a remotely hosted solution. Clients can now install it onto their own servers or operate it from servers located at the US,Singapore,China,India.

Empire Time Office now offers nine different methods of collecting employee data. These include biometric hand readers, voice verification, portable readers, internet and telephone punching.

VARIOUS Hardware options Supports:

HandPunch Biometric Recognition Terminals
  • Fingerprint Biometric Recognition Terminals
  • Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code & Proximity Data Collection Terminals
  • Palm Pilot Support & Software
  • Slot Bar Code Reader Attached Directly to you PC
  • Web Punch Modules (Employees Punch from Internet)
  • PC Punch Modules (Employees Punch from their Workstations)

Our Time Office Enterprise support companies that spread across different locations enabling better employee management by team management .It also surpass other web applications by giving you the options of adding access control systems,biometric terminals and card reader terminals . Empire Infocom Time Office 7.0 can communicate with devices at your location via TCP/IP connection and s a static IP address. Further more one can monitor and confirgure terminals from with in our Interface making your life much easier!!!!!!!!!

Biometrics is a state of the art technology that can assist you in identifying, authenticating and verifying the identity of a person. When implemented and used correctly, it can help you in enhancing the security of your data, systems and premises, giving you true peace of mind. However, if implemented poorly, it can potentially lead to endless frustrations. Hence, it is pertinent to invest in the right technology.

We, at Empire Infocom , work with various biometric technologies, and understand the pros and cons of each of these technologies. We understand that there are systems where performance might be of great importance, others where accuracy is important and yet others were low costs are paramount. We will work with you to identify your needs and propose a solution that meets your exact needs and exceeds your expectations.

 Model Image   Specification
 TSS 605  Face Recognization machine  Description
User Capacity - 500 Users : 150000 Transaction
Recognition Algorithm : Dual Sensor V2.0
Sensor - Specialized Double Sensor : Processor: TI DM 6446 CPU 594MHz
Verification Method : Face, Password and Face
Verification Speed: Less than 1 Second (500 Users)
Keyboard - 4*4 Touch Screen Keypad : LCD : 3.5 Inch TFT Color Screen
Communication : Standard TCP/IP, USB Host
 Finger Print Biometric machine  Description
3000 User Capacity : 100000 Transaction Storage
1:1 or 1:N Verification Modes
Identification Speed = 1 Seconds
32 Bit High Speed embedded processor / 600 DPI Optional Sensor
Communication (RS-232/TCP-IP/USB Drive)
3.0” Digital Coder TFT with Finger Image Preview

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