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 Introduction-Daycare Time & Attendance & School Students Parent Authentication System

With Empire Infocom Child Care time and attendance tracking software child attendance and time sheet information available whenever you need it. Designed specially for a child-centered business or Schools Student Pick Up during ODD time, The System allows parents and authorized pickup people to check in at a school premises with a 4 layer security options to pick Students after automated authentication and alerting both Parents who is Picking and when. Extremely useful when both parents are working or usually students are picked drivers, neighbour, relative etc. The Tracking System  also acts as an information hub simplifying communication with families by sending messages about day to day school activities . The system has option to extend the added security by mean of an electronic door release to provide secure access to school or child care facility.


school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint

The System Component

  • Parent RFID ID Card
  • Biometric Device that support RFID+ FingerPrint or Face
  • Access Control unit if required 

school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint

Important Features

    • Greater Revenue for automatic calculating late fees ,extra hours , Late Pickup
    • Adults check in for child Authorized Person with Parent Smart Card Only
    • Added Security for Kids    Authorized Person  Check-Out Options via Fingerprint Recognition, RFID parent card with Photo capture and SMS alerts to inform Parents
    • Added Security for Senior Students    During ODD Time Pick up request for Senior Girls or  Boys students  only by  parent RFID card that  capture photo and    send SMS alerts to Inform Parents
    • Meal Tracking.
    • Maintain History of authorized Persons Check in Check Out
    • Added Security: Control access to school/daycare  for only authorized Parents card Holders Only
    • Parent SMS  Notification System    
      1. Birthday Reminders
      2. Emergency Notifications
      3. Check in -Check Out SMS alerts to Father or Mother
    • Child Care Attendance Reports   
  1. Child Time Sheets
  2. Classroom Attendance
  3. Half Day / Full Day Reports
  4. Children Currently Checked In
  5. School Attendance Summaries
  6. Absence and Overtime Reports
  7. Authorized Person Pick Up History with Photo

Who Benefits
- School Officials, Parents and Kids Students All Gain

    STUDENTS - Provide valuable information when student reaching /leaving from school after automated verification and subsequent SMS Alerts to Parents. 
    PARENTS - Take the appropriate action because they are late or not able to pick kids by Parents. 
    PRINCIPALS - Meet obligations to parents & district to do all they can to ensure student safety.
    SCHOOL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES - Answer parents' and school officials' questions instantly & accurately.                                                                                                                                                                                                Back to top



We have comprehensive Child Care Time & Attendance Tracking packages to suit the needs of Child care, Pre School, Senior Schools etc. We provide everything as part of the packages including with system live with in 24 Hours. Please call us on 91 99998 17884 or fill in our online demo form and we will contact you shortly.

Service and Support 

For more information about Child Care Time & Attendance Tracking System please fill in our online enquiry form For quickest response to your support queries please fill in our support Ticketing System

For phone support or sales queries please call us on 91 99998 17884

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