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 Introduction-Biometric College Attendance Management System

Bunking University or College Lectures  will no more be fun or easy. Universities, College or  Parents would receive an instant message on their Dashboard or mobile about their Student regular missing classes or Short Attendance percentage.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Empire Infocom Biometric Attendance looks to go hi-fi with the virtual guardian Attendance Management System.

A Empire Infocom Biometric College Attendance Management system fully automates the functioning of an educational institution including students, Guest lecturers, Faculty, staffs Attendance & establishes a automatic  communication channel between the University, College, students and parent / guardian through dashboard, email  or  SMS.

Present Universities/College Challenges

1 Week- 90% of Attendance mean= 1/2 day missed; 1 Year- 90% of Attendance mean = 4 week missed in 1 school year; 5 Year - 90% of Attendance mean= 1/2 year  missed . Research shows 90% attendance or 17 missed days = Drop of 1 whole GCSE grade.

Faculty members and students marking fake attendance.

Students Bribing college Staff for attendance.

Bogus Student Enrollment & Low Attendance

Manual & Error Prone Manual Attendance Maintenance

Senior Management worried about Attendance Fraud

To maintain Proper College Attendance Environment

Senior Management and Faculty are spending 10-30% time on Manual Attendance Tracking

To address Issue like Truancy and High Absenteeism

Lack of Regular communication with Parents

College  Attendance Tracking System using Fingerprint

Empire Infocom College Attendance management Solutions gives College Management & Parents peace of mind as it comply with authenticated student attendance requirements of universities authorities & enhance the status of  a College to stand with the best in the peer set as a modern, progressive and iconic institution giving students, teachers and administrators a sense of pride and positivity. The System save  College precious time and cost, session on session which can be better invested in improving  the learning systems, student development initiatives and developing an enviable College culture. Its bring in simplicity, consistency and accuracy in College operations and reports which means lesser hassles in reconciliation, mistake and error management

school attendance software,school attendance using RFID, school attendance FingerPrint

Main Features

Automatic Paperless Authenticated Attendance System -Students and Faculty

Management have handy report via SMS or Emails

Addressing  Truancy in Early Stages.

Faculty or HOD, or Principal can contact the parents through email, SMS, or alerts on online dashboard.

Students leave Management System Inform Parents about when Student apply for a  leaves.

Regular communication with Parents via SMS about Student Attendance, Shortage, Leave application, Results etc

How it Works .....

Empire Infocom took their state of the art ‘Cloud’ based Biometric College Attendance Management System and used it as foundation to deliver a full solution for a system which enables the College & Educational institutions to monitor, manage and record all required student attendance information, without the need for capital, hardware or infrastructure expenditure.

The Empire Infocom system uses Biometric finger print scanners installed at each classes , Labs for a Student Class Period Attendance and a webbased central control dashboard provides instant information on students missing or bunking classes. This enables Faculty, staff or administrators to prioritize and focus their time where it is needed  and to take action accordingly.
Students with high, medium and Low Short attendance % Risk categories aid the ability of the responsible HOD, faculty, staffs to ensure they are in control and to provide instant reports and evidence whenever required.

Regular missing students are automatically flagged up immediately to the responsible HOD, Staff or administrative staff or faculty so that they can take appropriate action. The system reports in ‘real time’. This means that a student’s whereabouts can be ascertained and reported on at all times, providing complete confidence that the organization is always able to fulfill compliance requirements for Attendance Management and reporting. Automatic messages are sent to the Parents or students concerned and a full evidence trail is recorded in the system.

The System assists College management to track student movement across Classes, Labs, school campus or hostel or any other facilities.

 More Features....

Early warning system - Student Truancy, dropout or Regular bunkers.    
Automatic Authenticated Class wise Periodic Attendance System - Students and Faculty
Students leave Management System Inform Parents about when Student apply for a  leaves.
Emergency messages- Bus delay/ ill health ,exam results, Payment due etc
Regular communication with Students, Parents via SMS about Student Attendance, Shortage, Leave application, Results etc
Web based Class Time Table for Students or Faculty or Class/Lab
Management have handy report via SMS or Emails or web login
Biometric Integrated Student Enrollment Process Integration to avoid duplicate or Bogus Registration
Other Options 
  School Access Control
Cashless Canteen
  Sport Facilities access

Integrated Faculty/Staff/ Employee Time office Software provides automated attendance and HR related functionalities.

Complex Shift Scheduling
Shift Rotation
Subject wise Working Hours Attendance
Leave Management

Immediate benefits

High Attendance rate ensure good college result & reputation

Increase High School Graduation Rates & Improve attendance and reduce failures 

Increase 4-Year College Enrollment Rates & Improve match/fit between students and colleges

Upto 90% Manual effort Save i.e. College Faculty & administration

Automate College Punctuality of Staff as well as student

Automate Attendance Fraud and Bogus Students Prevention 

Overcharges by visiting Faculty/Staff/Professor


 Student Attendance Report (Detailed / Range Wise/ Calmer / Subject Wise)

 Faculty Wise Report

 Faculty Wise Class Wise Report

 College Attendance Shortage Report

 Student Strength Report

 Attendance Report (Percentage Wise)

 Class Schedule Report

 Schedule Status Report

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Empire Infocom appreciate that all universities / Colleges work differently and therefore that the solution needs to fit the way the individual university/Colleges works. The system provides a framework that can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements, whilst at the same time ensuring that they are able to fully comply with their Attendance Policy.
We have packages to suit the needs of Universities, Colleges & and large Educational Institutions. Please call us on 91 99998 17884 or fill in our online demo form and we will contact you shortly.

Service and Support

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