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PreSchool School management & Messaging Software

 Introduction -PrimarySchool School management & Messaging Software

Primary School management Software assist Parents & schools to safe and secure Kids by Tracking via RFID & alerting parent about their presence in school via SMS or Emails, intergrated with Bulk messaging applications for Daily Dairy, emergency Holidays alerts, payment due, exam date sheets and result etc. FingerPrint /Eye etc Authentication before Parents/Guardians/Authorized Person pick their Kids from School

Key Benefits:


primary school Software

  1. Kid absent immediate reporting to Parents  via SMS
  2. Child Real time attendance tracking system via RFID card
  3. SMS/email message templates for 1 to 1 communications between teachers , school parents, students e.g. Daily Daily, emergency messages i.e Bus delay/ ill health ,exam results, Payment due etc
  4. Automatic payment due remindering system via SMS/Emails
  5. Working parent get day to day update of all school actitivities via SMS/Email
  6. Preschool - Authentication before Parents/Guardians/Authorized Person pick their Kids from School
  7. Teachers,Parents separate web login options available to work from home or from Office

How it Works


primary school Software

Biometric device are installed at School Entry/Exit gates . These devices are connected with the School server housed in the school/ hosting on web accessible via Internet.  

Each day the Kids will register their attendance swiping their RFID card on biometric device installed with RFID card reader . The server will automatically download the attendance data at a pre-set time & process the student attendance and send a  SMS message to the parents/guardians of their Presence or absentee student via SMS gateway server.

The Message system will allows school authorities/Teachers to send SMS alerts to parents/guardians regarding special events and emergencies, Daily Dairy, Kid Health, Exam date, Result etc . Parent has to pass through Fool Proof Biometric authentication e.g. Eye, FingerPrint, Face etc before Parents/Guardians/Authorized Person pick their Kids from School


We have Comprehensive packages to suit the needs of PreSchool, Kindergarten, Elementary School or Primary School. Please call us on 91 99998 17884 or fill in our online demo form and we will contact you shortly.

Service and Support 

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