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 Introduction-Boarding School Monitoring & Management System

Boarding Schools offer a varieties of extracurricular activities where conducive learning environment with good facilities such as computer room, gymnasium and entertainment room contribute to good way of mind relaxing and boost up brains development. Currently, most BS managements are having difficulties to monitor their students using the old-fashioned paper-based system; where the procedures are inefficient in monitoring the student’s whereabouts.

 The System

 Biometrics in Schools  

Boarding School Monitoring System (BoSs) School Web Portal is an integrated monitoring system that enable the school management to fully centrallized the data of each registered student movement and permit access within the define area to improve the security, reliability and tacking efficiency of student’s. The application of RFID Metric Card system as a Boarding School Monitoring System is to improve the school management procedure, automatically monitor the interest group movements and increase their safety. By using RFID technology, it is easier and faster to detect students handling at that time and reduce assets losses. In this system the fingerprint recognition is also adopted to enable the process of identifying of BS student more reliable and secure for facilities management. Through enhancing security in BS access and facilities control, it help the school management to provide visibility of assets and effective users tracking.

The Extended Biometric School applications can also be integrated to School facilities i.e.

  • Library Transportation School/Hostel Access Control Cashlesss Canteen
  • Examination & Sport Facilities.



How it Works

This application use student’s metric card embedded with RFID tag for tracking their whereabouts and fingerprint registered to the access the facilities room. When the metric card passes through the RFID reader, it will trigger the system to read the data from the RFID tag to the database where the access data can be viewed online by BS management for monitoring purposes. For the facilities room access, RFID will be detected when someone with an RFID tag passes through the RFID reader and verify by matching fingerprint image. Upon verification with database is success, the system will enable the room to be access. Thus, the management people may know the students location and also view log record of room entry via internet. This will ease the management in monitoring the availability of boarding school, easy access to BS facilities and reduce unattended assets loses.



  • Monitor the Students Movement & access control across Boarding School campus i.e. Library, Sport facilities,computer room, gymnasium and entertainment room ,Hostel Room, Class Room, In Out Campus Premises. 
  • Student Information 
  • Fee Management with online Payment Gateway 
  • Parent Module to access their ward information via Internet
  • Expense management 
  • Alumini 
  • Extended to more Biometric School applications Options e.g. Library ,Transportation,School Access Control,Cashlesss Canteen,Examination,Sport Facilities. 
  • Integrated Employee Time office Software provides automated employee attendance and HR related functionalities. E.g. Complex Shift Scheduling, Shift Rotation, Attendance Summary, Leave Management, Payroll etc


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