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Student Attendance Tracking & Messaging Platform

 Introduction-School Attendance ,Tracking and Messaging Platform

School officials and parents have been waiting a long time for a automatic School Attendance solution to the vexing problem of knowing if, when student has entered or exit school premises. Bunking , Absenteeism, Truancy lead student taking to drugs, High Dropout etc
Empire Infocom innovative platform will prove to be very critical in today’s fast urban life where majority of the parents are working professionals and many a times their kids go to school and come home in their absence, which creates a lot anxiety. In fact, in majority of the schools Parents – Teachers Meetings are held once in 2-3 months to pass on necessary updates about the students, whereas here the frequency of information dissemination is on daily basis


school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint

Challenges and Needs

  • Manual Time Taking Attendance.
  • Addressing issue of Bunking, Student’s truant, Absenteeism.
  • School management inability to communicate on time specially with Working Parents

  •  School Attendance - The System School Attendance, Student Tracking & Messaging Platform uses latest Biometric devices i.e. Iris, Face Recognition, Smart card, fingerprint with SMS/Email messaging server. As soon as Student checks In or checks Out School, immediately information is sent to their parents via email or sms specifying their ward’s Presence with real data . This System works as early warning system as in case of Student truant /absent, information is sent to their respective parents, specifying their ward’s absence , so that their parents take immediate action within Time. It has Automatic warning system of High degree of absenteeism, dropout, truancy and inbuilt notification system for one-to-one interaction via common SMS/Email platform among School ,Teachers, students & Parent. The School Attendance Platform consists of the following technology components.

    1. Biometric Attendance Devices e.g. FingerPrint,Face
    2. Biometric Mobile Devices .
    3. Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Tags 
    4. Window Web Server 
    5. Empire Infocom School Attendance Tracking & Messaging Software 
    6. Bulk SMS & Emails Server

    How it Works

    Biometric device are installed at School Entry/Exit gates or main lobby or  outside each class room. These devices are connected with the School server housed in the school/ hosting on web accessible via Internet.  

    Each day the students will register their attendance with the biometric device. The server will automatically download the attendance data at a pre-set time & process the student attendance and send a  SMS message to the parents/guardians of their Presence or absentee student via SMS gateway server.   The Message system will allows school authorities/Teachers to send SMS alerts to parents/guardians regarding special events and emergencies, Exam date, Result etc


    school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint


    • Real Time Students Arrival & Departure Attendance information to parents via SMS/Emails
    • Bunking or Absent Students  reporting to Parent & School via SMS / Emails
    • Early warning system for Student Truant, dropout & frequent bunkers.
    • Automatic payment due remindering system via SMS/Emails     
    • Readymade SMS/email message templates for 1 to 1 communications between teachers , school parents, students e.g. Daily Dairy, emergency messages i.e. Bus delay, ill health ,exam results, Payment due etc
    • Teachers can work independently from Home as well, to manage instant communication with student’s parent via ready made SMS/Emails templates

    Who Benefits
    - School Officials, Parents and Students All Gain

        STUDENTS - Provide valuable information when getting out and in the premises. 
        PARENTS - Take the appropriate action because they have precise answers about their child status & daily school activities. 
        TEACHERS – Fast & Instant 1 to 1 communication with working parents e.g Daily Dairy, student progress etc
        PRINCIPALS - Meet obligations to parents & district to do all they can to ensure student safety.
        SCHOOL SERVICE REPRESENTATVES - Answer parents' and school officials' questions instantly & accurately. 
        IT MANAGERS - Save valuable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.   

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    We have comprehensive School attendance, Tracking & messaging packages to suit the needs of PreSchool, Senior Schools,Colleges & and large Educational Institutions. We provide everything as part of the packages including data migration with minimum involvement of providing student data Only. Please call us on 91 99998 17884 or fill in our online demo form and we will contact you shortly.

    Service and Support 

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    For phone support or sales queries please call us on 91 99998 17884

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