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 Introduction-School Bus Tracking System

School boards are under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable transportation service to school children and their parents, but also to run as  efficiently as possible in light of today’s budget restraints. A GPS tracking system can make a school bus fleet more profitable, plus it helps to keep children safe.


school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint

School Business Requirement

The school wanted a School Bus tracking system so that parents and school administration could know where their students are at any given time on any of their buses. The school wanted to place top emphasis on the safety of students along with.

  • 24/7 Operation and monitoring of your fleet.
  • Reducing wasted time by analyzing traveled routes and monitoring activities.
  • Reducing engine idling.   Report on idle and active vehicles.
  • Monitoring vehicles for speeding or speeding in zones
  • Enforcing keep-out zones,  monitoring specific areas for bus activity.
  • Quickly searching for specific buses, nearby vehicles, or missing vehicles.
  • Identify potential theft or miss-use of school buses.
  • Instant Communication via Phone, SMS alerts in case of Emergency

 School Attendance - The System

EMPIRE INFOCOM improved the educational institution’s day-to-day school bus operations by helping them manage and monitor  the School Buses. With GPS installed in each school buses, easily track the movement of all the buses and also receive alerts for violations such as idling for more than 10 minutes, braking, acceleration and speeding through email and SMS. iT also makes simple for the school to help identify misused vehicles, unauthorized trips or entry into areas that the vehicles are not permitted. Additional security measures such as Biometric and RFID integration are implemented to track the entry and exit of students from the school bus/School Premises. With Empire Infocom Tracking system on its side, the school can now handle parental concerns immediately; respond to emergencies or bus breakdowns by locating the nearest vehicle available for assistance and increase driver accountability.

How it Works

A GPS tracking device is installed in the SCHOOL Bus. And through its antenna, it communicates with the GPS satellites to acquire coordinates or location data. At the same time, the GPS satellites also provide location data to cellular towers.

By means of the internet, a dedicated web based software will allow access to real time school bus location, movements or past history. Based upon the real data software raise different level of alerts that may be over speeding, Fuel theft, school bus location etc



school attendance,student attendance using RFID,student attendance using FingerPrint


  • Monitor the misuse of school buses and their fuel, thereby lowering transportation fees for parents
  • 2-way contact with drivers – School can easily and safely communicate with drivers at all times, allowing drivers to be warned about potential dangers. Drivers can also communicate for assistance in cases of bullying, mechanical breakdown or some other emergency via GPS Phone.
  • Own Geo Fenching & Custom Landmarks with School Bus Stand Name
  • Two way communcation During Emergency Breakdown - 3 Voice call options
  • LIVE 24x7 School Bus Tracking
  • Monitor unauthorized trips into entry restricted areas
  • Alerts Fuel Theft & Over consumption
  • Alert on Idle Time more than the specified duration
  • Alert on Over Speed
  • Alert on Ignition On
  • Alert on Ignition Off
  • Alert on Start Event of the Vehicle
  • Alert on Stop Event of the Vehicle
  • Alert on Low Battery
  • Alert on any Emergency
  • Alert on Device Tampering
  • Alert on Main Battery Disconnection
  • Alert on School Bus Location
  • RFID or Biometric FingerPrint Extra integration to track the entry & exit of students
  • Intelligent reports on fleet utilization
  • Internet Login
  • Own Brand name & Own a GPS company
  • Customization
  • Guarantee Life Time
  • Zero AMC
  • Optional  -immobilizer system,Fuel theft algorithms, Fuel Sensor Integration

Who Benefits
- School Officials, Parents and Students All Gain

    STUDENTS - Provide valuable information when student reaching home or when school bus is coming to pick them up for school. 
    PARENTS - Take the appropriate action because they Bus is late or early. 
    PRINCIPALS - Meet obligations to parents & district to do all they can to ensure student safety.
    SCHOOL SERVICE REPRESENTATVES - Answer parents' and school officials' questions instantly & accurately. 
    IT MANAGERS - Save valuable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.   

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We have comprehensive School Bus Tracking packages to suit the needs of PreSchool, Senior Schools,Colleges & and large Educational Institutions. We provide everything as part of the packages including with system live with in 2 to 4 Hours. Please call us on 91 99998 17884 or fill in our online demo form and we will contact you shortly.

Service and Support 

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For phone support or sales queries please call us on 91 99998 17884

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