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TimeOffice Enterprise Edition

The release of Empire Time Office 7.0 marks a breakthrough revolution of Web 2.0 Technology into the time & attendance world. Making real-time multi-tasking, remote operation and honest to goodness automation a reality.  While Empire Time Office 7.0  is a Web Time Clock functioning from within a web browser, it is not limited to a remotely hosted solution. Clients can now install it onto their own servers or operate it from servers located at the our office Singapore,China,India.

Our Time Office Time Attendance Enterprise support companies that spread across different locations enabling better employee management by team management .
It also surpass other web applications by giving you the options of adding access control systems,biometric terminals
and card reader terminals . Empire Infocom Time Office 7.0 can communicate with devices at your location via TCP/IP connection and s a static IP address. Further more one can monitor and confirgure terminals from with in our Interface making your life much easier!!!!!!!!!

Employee Management -Team Enabled ( Time Attendance Enterprise Edition)

Time Attendance Enterprise Edition Support Rotational Multishift fixed or auto/floating/nearest shift

5 employee type- Executive, Single ,Normal ,Flexible,Management,

Special Punches

Short leave

Employee Specific Details i.e.

Leave application

Leave Balances

Punch Processing

Schedule Roaster

Employee Calendar

Daily Weekly Monthly Shared Employee Weekly calendar

Employee Search is a single employee Interface that provide quick addition :

Leave Application

Manual Punch addition

Current Balance

Web Clock in

Official Duty

 time attendance

Leave application -Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Leave application is a simple and informative interface provide employee

leaves details summary
and current balance 

any number of leaves

Range MIN & MAX

Leave Type -Balanced,Non Balanced,Treat Absent & Treat Present,CO,

Leave Encashment

apply Leaves Rules-WO & PH Both

Club leaves

Leave Balances Interface -

Opening Balance


Leave Encashment


Carry Forward

Employee Current Balance

 time attendance

Companies specific  Advance leaves

Companies specific  Advance leaves
 time attendance

Schedule Generation- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Schedule Generation is a Company wise schedule/roaster genereration with Overwrite options . Its has options to update bulk Weekly Off,Shift
PH and Instant effect Punch Time Processing

time attendance

Team Enabled Punch time Processing- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Team Enabled Punch time Processing have options of Manual Add/ Edit Punch,Official Duty.Over Time,First Half Authorization,Second Half Authorization
Short Leaves,CO and during Batch run apply rule related to Punch Duplicates Minutes,Min OT Minutes,Daily working minutes,Min First Half Mins
Min Second Half Mins, OT Rule <=OS + Early in
In a Mass Update option one could reprocess bulk employee working date Punches

time attendance

Process Muster Interface-Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Process Muster interface provide Leave application Posting- ,semi posted and generate monthly muster for a employee including leaves, present, absent,CO,PH etc

time attendance

Punch Machine/Device Management- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Punch Machine/Device Management Provide manual or automated interface of loading raw punch time data from punch machine to server
Its has import feature that can import raw data from different format effeciently

time attendance

Team Enabled Dynamic Reports- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Team Enabled Dynamic Reports are the Web enabled ready to mail Reports support Multiple Exports and have added features like Zoom,Search  text,Print
Export Excel Pdf,navigation,Refresh

time attendance

DBA Studio - Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

System Setting/System Log
System Parameter setting
Email Configuration
Punch Processing Rules
System Check
Import/Export DB
Sync Schema
 time attendance

Developer Studio - Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Field LayOut
EditView Fields
GridView Views
Detail View -
Relationship Layout  Home Page
Edit Custom Fields
Add New Fields
Recomplie View
Rebuilt Audit
Manage Terminology
Change any field Description
Manage Shortcuts
Add any short cut Menu on any Pages
DropDown Editor
Add or Change dropdown values
Configure Tabs- Modules
Tab Order & Reorder
Mobile Enabled
Import Language Pack
 time attendance

User Management- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Web User creation & multiple team additions,Report to
Employee Specific
Time Zones
Date format
Report to
Multi Roles Assignments
Multiples Team assignments
Changed Password
Role Management
Add Multiple Users
List Role By Users
Team Management
Private ,Global & Groups teams
Add Multiple Users to a Teams membership
Team Include Reports to from Users
 time attendance

Schedulers- Time Attendance Enterprise Edition

Automating range of process from Schedule Generation Punch time Processing
and Process Muster
 time attendance

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