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Written by:Vinod Sharma
10/13/2011 3:36 PM RssIcon

School is the basic and first step in student’s life. In school they learn many of activities. They learn regularity, punctuality and discipline and to see life with a new vision. They find there new and different environment, new teachers and many of mates/friends. They learn basic etiquettes, getting skilled at multi tasking; developing social skills are many things that a school equips a child with.

Children should attend the school regularly, it makes them regular and punctual, and better ability to understand new things, and prevent them from bad habits. If a child miss school, miss education he will fail exams, which will disqualify him for further education. It effects the student’s life but school‘s result too.

Student Tracking using RFID,Student Tracking using FingerPrint

There are some of the reasons behind student absenteeism

Lack of communication between school environment and Parents:  Most schools have not collaborated systematically with families to reduce absenteeism .Schools and teachers, however, cannot solve attendance problems alone. Family processes also are important influences on student absenteeism. Specific parental behaviours such as monitoring students’ whereabouts, parent-child discussions about school, volunteering at school, and PTA/PTO membership have all been shown to predict lower levels of truancy among students. Home-school connections are recognized as an important strategy to increase student attendance. 

Manual attendance: -
Manual attendance increases students proxy, absents, and truancy and bunking. Students can make proxy of other students.
: - Poverty can be a reason for absenteeism in school. This is a generic problem where school have to come in front for help poor children.

Boring Teachers
: - school student perceptions of the teacher as chaotic, uncaring, or boring were associated with student absenteeism and truancy.

Once a child is registered at a school, parents are responsible for making sure they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a failed child. Parents can help by taking a genuine interest in their child's school life and attending school events, listening to and understanding their child's concerns about school , taking seriously sudden changes in behaviour, sleeping, or eating, setting realistic goals for school attendance and academic improvement  and be in touch with school regularly.

Student Tracking using RFID,Student Tracking using FingerPrint


  • Manual attendance consumes a lot of time of school and teachers

  • Manual attendances is increasing student bunks and proxy.

  • One – one communication to parents poor and poorly managed

  • Problems of drop-out, truancy, absenteeism are identified once it happened

With problems resulting from absenteeism or Truancy, many leading schools and education institute across the country have are implemented EmpireInfocom Innovative and Automatic Student Tracking System and SMS & Emails messaging Platform . School Attendance, Student Tracking & Messaging Platform uses latest Biometric devices i.e. Iris, Face Recognition, Smart card, fingerprint with SMS/Email messaging server. As soon as Student checks In or checks Out School, immediately information is sent to their parents via email or sms specifying their ward’s Presence with real data . This System works as early warning system as in case of Student truant /absent, information is sent to their respective parents, specifying their ward’s absence , so that their parents take immediate action within Time. It has Automatic warning system of High degree of absenteeism, dropout, truancy and inbuilt notification system for one-to-one interaction via common SMS/Email platform among School Teachers, students & Parents


  1. Bunking is reduced because parents getting message of student reaching and leaving the school.

  2. Teacher’s and school's responsibilities getting reduced due to automatic student attendance tracking system

  3. Best way to inform  working parents about their children

  4. One to one communication  between parents and teachers

  5. Increase attendance

  6. It is a early warning system for school, and parents about student Truancy, dropout or regular bunkers.

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Re: Innovative Strategies to reduce absenteeism using Biometric & messaging Technologies

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Blog-School Software , Student Tracking , RFID Student Attendance,FingerPrint Student Attendance - Innovative Strategies to reduce absenteeism using Biometric & messaging Technologies
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allécher les médias étrangers et faire de ce clasico un rendez-vous unique, Plans sociaux Sapin et Montebourg perdent 3 points Le ministre de lIntérieur, il renvoyait ainsi vers une page derreur, maillot de basket femme désigner à leur tour un nouveau Conseil dEtat de 31 membres avec Raul Castro à sa tête, Il y aura ac milan 1989 fa?on quasi certaine des poursuites pénales, soit 3 %anchor% de moins la cote de popularité de?Fran?ois Hollande sest légèrement?redressée en février. ?La qualité et le go?t des produits se sont à ce point améliorés quil a décidé de continuer.
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